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Aaliyah Green

Aaliyah Green

Licensed Resident in Counseling


540-782-8878 ext. 106

Meet Aaliyah

I am a resident in counseling in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am originally from South Carolina and graduated with my M.Ed. in Counselor Education from The Citadel in South Carolina. I have years of expertise working in the public school system as a School Counselor.

I have years of experience working with all ages of youth with issues like anger management, self- esteem, behavioral problems, ADHD, coping skills and anxiety to name a few. It is also essential to build genuine trust and a safe space for a client aiming to better their sense of wellbeing.

As a resident in counseling, my focus is to allow room for vulnerability, genuineness, and empathy. My approach is to meet you where you are in your situation and work collaboratively to identify strengths and self-awareness to meet your goal and increase positive changes to your life.

Expertise Area

Family Counseling

Youth Counseling

Anxiety Disorder