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Empathy is Evolution

The brain is hardwired for survival.  Our survival system of immobilization began 500 million years ago.  What followed was the system wired for mobilization (400 million years ago).  Finally, our social engagement system came online 200 million years ago, the part of us wired to connect with others and build empathy (Dana & Porges, 2018). […]

Mental Health Matters: Key Insights and Tips

Key Highlights Mental disorders affect 1 in every 8 people worldwide Mental disorders involve disturbances in thinking, emotions, or behaviors Anxiety and depressive disorders are the most common mental health conditions Effective and treatment options exist, but many people lack access to care Mental health issues can impact daily and relationships Understanding mental health is […]

The Reality of Social Media Anxiety

Key Highlights Social media use among young people has become nearly, with a majority of teenagers using platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. While media can have both positive and negative impacts on mental, research suggests that excessive use of social media can lead to poor quality, reduced sleep duration, and sleep difficulties in […]

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Immigration Assessment: Navigating the Process Successfully

Key Highlights Understanding the importance of psychological assessments in immigration cases Different types of immigration assessments and their purposes The role of mental health in immigration and how it is evaluated The key components of an immigration evaluation and what they entail The process of conducting immigration evaluations and what to expect The criteria for […]

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Transformative Power of Couple Counseling

Couples counseling provides a strong chance for partners to improve their relationship and work through issues as a team. Both spouses are usually present during sessions, which gives the therapist important insights into the dynamics of the relationship. The significance of couples counseling is acknowledged by the American Psychological Association, which cites research indicating that […]

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EMDR Therapy for Anxiety: Your Complete Guide

Key Highlights EMDR therapy is an innovative approach that effectively reduces distress caused by traumatic events. By targeting and working through traumatic memories, EMDR therapy promotes adaptive resolutions. EMDR therapy methodology involves the nervous system, negative beliefs, and emotional responses. This therapy is versatile, being able to address various conditions such as trauma, chronic pain, […]

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Understanding Trauma: The Lasting Impact of Past Hurts

Often when talking with clients, a variety of issues present themselves: a lack of healthy boundaries, difficulty with healthy relationships, difficulty with regulating their emotion, difficulty trusting others, and maladaptive coping skills, to name a few.  What becomes apparent is the role of the client’s childhood, their caregivers, and how they learned to adapt and […]

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Benefits of Therapy

Benefits of Therapy Therapy is an extremely beneficial tool for many people. It can teach you how to cope with difficult emotions, improve your relationships, and even change negative thought and behavior patterns. Despite the numerous advantages of therapy, some people are hesitant to seek it. Here are a few of the many reasons why […]

The Importance of Men

We are living in an unprecedented time, for many things. One of which is men’s role and place in society. Traditionally, men have been bred to be our fighters, our protectors, our hunters, our defenders, our breadwinners, and half of our species’ survival depends upon them. Men have been taught to suppress emotion, to fight […]